Alidis Joven
Alidis VS

Alidis VS

Elaborated with the best grapes from familiar century-old  vineyards. It is fruity, fleshy and with great potential. It is a wine to taste in relaxing time and good company.

Tasting details

Vineyards: It is elaborated exclusively from the vineryards of the familiar ownership, close to 100 years old.

Varietal composition: 100% Tinta del País.

In visual: Very intense and brilliant, purple red with very pronounced blue rim.

In noise: Intense with ripe fruity hints, as compote. The fruit and wood are well- integrated and very smart in nose.

In mouth: It is powerful in the mouth , shows an expressive and round mature fruit, long lasting finish.

Ageing: 100% in new French oak barrels, malo lactic fermentation in barrel, according to tasting 24 month in barrel and 24 months in bottle.

Recommended consumption: 16-18ºC, we recommend it is decanted before tasting.

Warning: Due to this natural elaboration process without chemical adds, you may find some precipitates in the bottle that does not change its organoleptic qualities.


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