Gold and Silver medals for Alidis wines from the winery Viña Mambrilla at the World Competition in Brussels at the Concours Mondial of Brussels

The wines Alidis Expression 2011 and Alidis Crianza 2014 are awarded the silver and gold medal, respectively, at the Concours Mondial of  Brussels held in Valladolid on 5, 6 and 7 May.

The Ribera del Duero winery, Viña Mambrilla, presented to the competition Alidis Crianza 2014 and Alidis Expresión 2011 two mono varietal wines, 100% Tinta del País, whose vines have been obtained from grafts of century-old vineyards of the ownership of Arranz´s  family, owner of  the winery.

In the case of the Alidis Expression 2011 is elaborated from a special vineyard parcel with more than 40 years of age and oriented to the South. This location, sheltered from inclement weather and on a soil rich in nutrients, gives the strains an exceptional development that is transmitted in this wine. Considered as one of the favorites of the Alidis family for its aromas and its explosion of taste in the mouth, it is possible to emphasize in its elaboration, characteristics like, the second fermentation made in barrels of new French oak and its production is limited to 10,500 bottles.

In the case of Alidis Crianza 2014, it is made from 40-year-old vineyards, grown in oak barrels, 80% French, and 20% American, and remains in the bottle for 14 months before launching to the market.

In nose it offers intense hints  and a well balance between the fruit and the wood, in the mouth it is fresh, soft and full of balsamic nuances.

The winery Viña Mambrilla was established in 1999 within  the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, in Mambrilla de Castrejón, Burgos and it elaborate a range of seven red wines called Alidis.