Wine making process

Wine making process

A natural elaboration following the tradition.

After a handpicked and careful harvest, the bunches arrive to the facilities and the first step after the reception is sorting through of the grapes on the table. Note that the vintage is organized daily according to the age of the vineyard plots. This task allows which vats are the ones in charge of sheltering the wine making process of the young wines or the wines that will spend more time in the winery.

The Elaboration room is equipped with 20 stainless steel vats with different volumes; they are adapted to the necessities of every task and every steps of wine making process. The first step is the vinification process, a basic and careful process with a controlled temperature all the time , due to in that all the aromatic and phenolic substances go over , from the grape skin to grape juice, and they are important to determinate the characteristic of our future wine.

After the maceration process, is carried through the alcoholic fermentation. In Viña Mambrilla winery use natural yeast during this process, it will give to our wines characteristic nuances of the terroir. In relation with the malo lactic fermentation carry out in stainless steel vats , excepting the author wines. In this wines, this second fermentation, is made in new French oak barrels, giving to the wines other profile, more aromatic and with a different development and evolution from the other wines of our winery.

It is necessary to point that during all the wine making process, our wines are elaborated in an organic way , without chemical adds , in the most natural way possible.

Our wines are elaborated in a very natural way following traditional winemaking techniques


Viña Mambrilla has five hundred oak barrels with a capacity of 225 litres per barrel. The wood selection is an important key to our wines due to they have, as a main characteristic, a slow evolution however it is changed into in a quality factor with time. For Viña Mambrilla is necessary rely on trusted coopers and doing test to the woods that we will make. According to the characteristics of our wines, the wine maker prefers more French wood , in a high proportion, than the American wood. In this case the wood is only use for Sin month in barrel wines and crianza in a low percent.

The aging time in barrel ranges from six months of oak wines to thirty months of our great reserve as means, although sometimes our wines need a little more time in the barrel to finish making, the wine is the one that marks its Time, since it is a living organism and as such it is necessary to respect its natural evolution.